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Image result for best dog foodWhen choosing food for yourself, you always try to choose the best. It makes sense. From good quality food, the body is able to create cells that will be strong, durable, and the immune system will work properly. These are all important things that help us maintain health and optimal fitness. The same applies equally to our pets. The dog or cat requires a proper diet that contains all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the regeneration and creation of new cells.

Age of the animal

The first parameter is the age of the dog or cat. Quality feeds for cats are designed to contain a sufficient ratio of all important nutrients along with vitamins and minerals. However, a small kitten and an adult cat have different demands and each one requires their own feed. So personalize the selection with respect to the age of the animal. In juveniles, vitamin and mineral supplementation is essential for the healthy development of the locomotive apparatus, which could affect the health and condition of the animal in the elderly.

Selection by breed

Another factor in which you decide what food to choose is a breed. In cats, this problem is negligible and it can be said that the differences are not so great. On the contrary, the range of dog breeds is wider and with different dog height and size other requirements apply to suitable feed. Granules for small breeds of dogs will not be suitable for dogs and a small chihuahua will not handle granules that are made for Bernardine. In this case, it is not so much about the typical composition but rather about the size and shape of the individual granules, which can be too large for small dogs and for large breeds on the contrary, unnecessarily large.

Consider health

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The question of how to choose a dog’s feed should also be affected by the health condition. Unfortunately, today, when dogs often receive inappropriate diets, they experience disorders and intolerance. These problems are manifested by diarrhea, vomiting, or weight loss or anorexia. In such a case, it is necessary to visit a veterinarian who will advise on choosing a suitable feed that does not contain problematic food components to which the dog may be susceptible. Some of these problems can be hereditary, and if an ancestor suffers from certain problems, it is good to choose preventative measures and apply appropriate nutrition before the problem occurs.

High quality feed improves sporting performance

Dogs who are actively engaged in sports and are not demanding stable performance, really need a good diet. Magnusson quality Swedish food is made from real meat, which is represented in sufficient proportion. All the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are key to the restoration of muscle tissue and the proper functioning of the joints are preserved. By serving the best granules, the dog’s sport performance can be enhanced and good food is a good prevention against joint problems. Always make sure that the dog you want to keep getting better gets the optimal amount of good food because it can only meet your wishes.

Beware of replacing cereals and chemical preservatives

Always check the composition when choosing a feed. Some high-quality granules add a large percentage of cereals and other ingredients that only serve to increase the weight of the product but have no nutritional value. For example, Essential Foods feeds 70% of the meat, and the remaining 30% is fruit, vegetables and herb blends, which are beneficial ingredients that naturally increase the percentage of vitamins and important enzymes that help with digestion and have a beneficial effect on the health of the dog.

What to watch out for when choosing a feed World of dogs

Do not forget to take into account all the important criteria

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There is absolutely no exact guide to what will most benefit a particular animal, but you will not make a mistake if you follow several general advice. How to choose the best granules ? Focus mainly on the age and growth of your partner. The young in development has totally different nutritional needs than an adult individual or an animal senior. The form and composition of granules for smaller dogs (they are smaller and have more fats and proteins) and large breeds (they are bigger and are enriched for joint nutrition) are also different. Of course, feeding needs to be adapted to the degree of movement of the dog or cat. Are they often running outdoors, doing sports with you, practicing them? Then go for granules with higher fat content. Animal health is also important, as well as people with certain food intolerances. The most beneficial food is the feed with the smallest amount of raw materials used.

Proper composition is the cornerstone of success

Whether you like it or not, cats and dogs are primarily carnivores. In animal feed, therefore, the high quality of animal protein is of utmost importance. The meat is presented as fresh or dried, ie meat meal. This is usually specified in quality products (chicken, duck, fish …) and the percentage of meat should also be indicated. Keep an eye on the source of carbohydrates and their percentages – many manufacturers fill feed with unnecessarily large amounts of cereals that do not have nutritional value and sometimes they are miserable. An excellent source of carbohydrates is on the contrary potatoes and definitely does not harm even the fruit and vegetables from which the animals draw vitamins.

How not to advertise on a trick

Anyone who knows anything about feed and nutrition for dogs and cats will not get caught up in tempting slogans. Instead, it will focus on the information that is on the cover with a smaller font. If the manufacturer boasts raw materials of regional origin, it shows specific data instead of the generic labels of “animal product” and “dehydrated meat” and lists the percentages of each ingredient, you have nothing to worry about. The Italian brand Primordial, which is particularly popular among fans of no-fodder feeds, has recently climbed top among foreign manufacturers. Primordial for cats is greatly digestible and offers delicacies such as luxury duck and turkey meat from free range with the addition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. There is, of course, also Primordial for dogs – try a mix of quality bolero meat with a mackerel! Again, it is meat from animals raised and grown in Italy, supplemented with ingredients that benefit the kidneys, digestive tract and overall health of your dog.



Intensive and supplemental antiparasitics for dogs and cats. Proper use protects pets not only during the season. | World of dogs

Parasite attacks are among the biggest health hazards for pets. Ticks, fleas and internal parasites are terrible for the animal and can cause serious diseases, also transmissible to humans. The only defense is practically continuous prevention and support especially in the spring and summer season. The ideal one is to combine more measures.

Image result for dog parasite

Intensive anitasis

The best selling product is anti-parasitic collars . Their advantage is usually a long period of effectiveness, up to months. In addition to waterproof collars such as Scalibor, Beaphar or Foresto, the hair should not bathe. The disadvantage is the longer time for the onset of efficacy.

Because of the high efficiency, there are popular pipettes that you apply between the animal’s shoulder blades. It works within a few days, but do not buy a pet.

Select antiparasitic with regard to the age, weight and health of the animal.


Additional antiparasitic agents

Intensive antiparasitics are good to support supplements. Try, for example, electronic repellents – collar pendants to discourage parasites by spreading ultrasound.

You can also find antiparasitic shampoos, sprays or powders in stores. It is ideal hygiene to combine with stronger antiparasitics at least over the season. Do not forget about the environment where your pet is staying and spraying with his anti-parasitic spray sometimes.

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Tips to conclude:

  • Respect the determination of anti-parasites – age and weight limits, efficacy and health status.

  • Allergic pets buy natural anti-parasites that will be gentle on their skin. Absolutely without chemistry you will get, for example, Menforsan products.

  • Do not mix the products intended for cats and dogs – the effects differ and can harm the animal.

  • Combine preparations to make prevention more complex. Avoid combinations of stronger anti-parasites. Use natural products as accessories.

  • Are you looking for anti-parasites that even your hair could love? Try the electronic comb. Brushing is a favorite activity and removes the parasites by means of non-removable discharges.


YOGGIES Fodder Competition | World of dogs

Image result for fodder competitionCompany owner George Švihálek decided to produce feed from the right é him meat without chemicals based on the story of the world Roxyho his dog, which he s trying to save after poisoning.

The YOGGIES commitment is to return the taste, smell and quality of their original food to nature. Dogs are through t s a healthier diet and vitamin álnější what made the experience proves not only farmers, but also veterinarians.

YOGGIES company entered the market with yogurt for dogs and gradually adding granules pressed é cold cans with pieces of meat and homemade treats. And of course without CHEMISTRY.

É granules pressed cold for dogs

Recipes granules Yoggies based on the healthiest and Best Supporting é é pe digestible food for dogs – Barf
(bone and raw food). The granules in the stomach do not swell but dissolve, thus suppressing the risk of stomach torsion. Thanks to the grinding of raw materials “rough” ip řírodní BC pulp and raw tr Aven help clean the digestive tract and suppress the risk of serious disease, but also flatuenci (gas) and pr damage. None of the recipes contains corn, oh with it, preservatives or flavoring and therefore can about this modern way of feeding argue that health begins in a bowl ®. As the only granules of this type on the market contain probiotics that support the healthy immune system and dog defense. The Yoggies Yoghurt Recipe is designed to give the dog plenty of flavor and scent of raw dried meat, as well as crunching that imitates bone biting and eradicates endorphins. The crumbling of hard granules also mechanically cleans the dog’s dentition. Their recipe is developed for puppies, adults and older dogs.

Yoghurts for dogs and cats

Yogurt was originally conceived for Roxy’s dog, who suffered from poisoning with severe diarrhea and digestive troubles. This patented yoghurt was the first food that Roxy had compared his digestive tract and saved him so well.

Yoghurts without lakt oh esterase produced by E, based on sheep’s milk it é é mL ka and a special mixture of probiotics which e has cats and dogs in the world m tract. They are unique in that not only strengthens the immune system é m dog but can very effectively suppress and stop diarrhea. Even suited for puppies after weaning, which supply nutrients and strengthen their immune system E m.

Canned food for dogs

All recipes canned dog Yoggies are developed to be as Best Supporting é é pe digestible. They are produced free as é koliv chemicals, grain, with her oh and preservatives, Proch Azi m thermal process. Canned foods are suitable for short-é é quality and full é dog food served to diversify food.

Dog treats for dogs

Dogs play an inherent role in the life of the dog. Here, too, the company Yoggies ma KOPN guard and they were the first who devised biscuits for dogs with chicken without chemicals, sugar and gluten. These treats, along with crackers with turkey or cold-pressed fitkostičkami became very OBLI ben YMI and healthy treats for both farmers and for their dogs.


"Dogville" by Lars von Trier: The subversive masterpiece of a heretic

 Image result for dogvilleNicole Kidman as Grace in the legendary film.

Dogville: a small town in the state of Colorado, USA There he chooses to place his first film (still incomplete) “American” of the trilogy heretic and controversial Lars von Trier. Of course the legendary setting of Dogville is just a carefully and simply decorated studio somewhere in Scandinavia. With this aesthetic discovery to dominate, Trier launches in 2003 the cinematic attempt of introspection and analysis of American society. How, however, a creator who had never visited the US (because of his fear of airplanes) manages to deliver such a cruel, intelligent and allegorical film thesis on a social, ideological and political system that has not Have You Ever Experience? This question seeks to answer this text.

Dogville at a Glance …

We are in the 30s of America, the so-called “Big Depression”. In the rhythms of that time the lives of the inhabitants of the small town of Dogville seem to run smoothly. Until the unexpected arrival of a persecuted girl, Grace (the outstanding Nicole Kidman), overturns the harmonious daily routine of the residents. Faced with the community’s dilemma about whether to host Grace or not, ambitious and ideological writer Thomas Edisson will propose to residents to protect the young fugitive by considering the hospitality venture as a moral bet for the small town. Grace will eventually be accepted by the Dogville residents accepting to work for them. While at first the city will embrace the young lady, the clouds will not cease to thicken with the inhabitants of Dogville to show their true face …

The decomposition of American society

The focal point of “Dogville” is the analysis of the mechanisms of reaction of the community to the “foreign” factor. Not the reaction of any community, but the reaction of American society. A society, which ostensibly prefers its moral values ​​and its high ideals, but is deep, corrupt and perverse in the depths.

At first we see Dogville’s residents grabbed the persecuted Grace. Then, when she performs her full duties in front of her, they will embrace her more warmly. When, however, her presence begins to upset the harmony of their animals, Dogville will show his true face. Grace will become a victim of exploitation and systematic sexual harassment. As a scapegoat, the young lady will see every bond with the city dissolve (the brilliant symbolism with the 7 dolls), any relationship that she considered to be true and any prospect of improving her life to fade. Her last retreat is her deep faith in the power of man. But what if this last hopeful shelter ceases to exist?

Image result for dogville

 Dogville shows his true face. Divine Grace or Divine Revenge?

Since Trier has mastered a thrilling bunch of developments and reversals, having made spectators involved in Grace’s drama, it ends up in a dilemma in which both the heroine and the public themselves are called upon to respond. What is the fate that deserves the inhabitants of this city? The final punishment through their extinction or a second chance.

The decision is not easy. For both Grace and our viewers the feelings that dominate are deep disappointment and futility. But Grace has to choose. And somewhere here one can distinguish in “Dogville” bold elements of religious parable. Grace (Hellenic “Haris”) invades the lives of everyday people of Dogville as a godly presence. He endures, tolerates, hopes and believes in the people of the city. But because of their greed, fear and immediacy, Dogville’s inhabitants despise and cheer on it. As in the Bible the protoplasts cut off the forbidden fruit and then experienced the divine rage persecuted by Paradise.

Based on the biblical narrative, Trier channel the tension of the film into this dilemma in almost unbearable fashion. Grace’s moral ambivalence, but also the public, but especially the final decision of the heroine and its implementation, are cinematically a creepy and shocking epitome in a punch movie in the petty bourgeois moral norms.

The pioneering stage structure of the film. From “Doctrine 95” to Brecht …

One of the many bets that Trier has won and won after abandoning the “doctrine of 95” was to create films completely different to one another. Whether it’s aesthetics, scenery, script structure, or the overall atmosphere of the film.

Starting in 2003, the “American trilogy,” Trier chose to place the action of his films in a purely theatrical setting, totally simple and discreetly enlightened. This “striking” scenery and aesthetic perception acts decisively in shaping a cruel and often choked atmosphere for the viewer. Moreover, behind the choice of separating Dogville’s homes with chalk-engraved lines, there is a bitter irony surrounding what is visible and what is not, thus stigmatizing the hypocrisy of the community.

The same aesthetic choice followed Trier in the second film of the trilogy (the interesting but predictable “Menderlay”). So far, the trilogy remains incomplete with the creator saying “unprepared” to complete this cinematic cycle.

Finally, it is worth noting that the film was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003. Its duration is 178 minutes. However, a smaller version of 130 minutes was released in the halls. A few years later Trier released the director’s cut with all the scenes.


dog-office management

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If you happen to give coworkers bird names, then it’s time to put an animal on the team. The latter would calm tensions and relax the atmosphere. H ere are some elements to convince the most reluctant.

For nearly 20 years, the American organization Pet Sitters International, celebrates the world day of the pet in the office. “Take Your Dog To Work Day” (TYDTWDay), in other words, “Dog Day at Work” invites everyone to work with their four-legged companion (or two?). This year, June 22, 2018, the event is a reminder that animals should be welcome in our workspaces.

French people … frustrated?

When we appreciate animals – and we have no allergy – they soothe us, assuredly: “The animal, especially the dog, is in the same mood, it does not create conflict. It is a soothing affective presence, which promotes social cohesion, “observes Gene Ricaud-François, clinical psychologist for Les Echos . We even talk about purring therapy to talk about the beneficial action of purring cats: “Listen to this soft noise leads to production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, involved in the quality of our sleep and our mood,” said Jean Yves Gauchet to Psychologies . A study published by Wamiz (specialized website on pets) reveals that 80% of its users believe that the presence of an animal has a positive impact on their work.

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And yet, despite the many studies and experiments carried out, less than one in ten employees is allowed in France to take their pet to the office (according to a Purina / Ifop study of 2017 *) against 28% in our Swiss neighbors and 20% among Germans. And yet, 49.5% of French households have at least one, almost one in two. And among dog owners, 68% dream of taking their pet to work, says the study in Facco / Kantar.

A pledge of attractiveness

Image result for dog office management

Companies that can afford it – who do not have strict hygiene constraints – should not hesitate to accept pets. This possibility would in fact be a criterion of choice just as important as having a company car or restaurant vouchers, according to Purina. Today, having a pet’s policy or being stamped as pets lovers is a guarantee of modernity!

Google, Mashable, Amazon and many others lead the way: Google’s Dogs ( Doogles ) are at the helm of Twitter at #WoofWoofWednesay; Meetup develops canine conference rooms (“We will approach the emotional and behavioral learning of the dog, by establishing a coherent and soothing communication with and with this one”, can be read on their website); Amazon has made the bet to present the dogs of its employees, etc.

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Tip: find out what kind of pets your co-workers have before opening the valves. If the fish, the cat and the dog arrive at the top of the pets, the hen is not far behind. With the President of the Republic who showed the way by recently welcoming two young chickens in the gardens of the Elysée, Agathe and Marianne, should we expect to see the poultry land in the open space? This could cause more than one CHSCT to cackle.

Video. Chickens at the Elysee Palace:




Pets: How much does it cost to keep a dog?

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Pets: How much does it cost to keep a dog?

Pets are part of the family and should be treated accordingly. But, only with love can not keep a pet, in general, and a dog in particular. It does not matter if it is an animal with a large pedigree or a dog without breed. The care of pets involves food , play and visits to the veterinarian and all that costs money.

What are the main expenses of a dog?

It is not possible to make an accurate calculation of the cost of these pets here, because it will be very different depending on the animal of one breed or another. The breed defines its size (it is the most determining factor), its activity and certain diseases that it may suffer. In addition, the needs of the dog will be slightly different if it is a puppy, an adult or an elderly dog. In fact, the first year of the puppy is the one with the highest investment in the cost of a dog, since it involves a special diet, the first vaccinations, the microchip, etc.

  • Food: It is the largest economic item in the maintenance of the dog, although we must consider that a chihuahua does not eat the same as a great Dane. The price of the feed can range between € 40 and € 80 per month , depending on its quality. The puppies feed is more expensive, between 70 and 100 € per month. Older dogs may need a specific feed, which is usually more expensive. The price can go up if the dog needs a special diet for health reasons.
  • Veterinary, hygiene, insurance and microchip: Every basic consultation to the veterinarian has a cost of about 25-35 €. Vaccination is essential . The rage is annual (about € 25) and the versatile is recommended and around € 50. The deworming is not mandatory but it is recommended, and its cost will vary according to the size of the animal and the type of measurement applied (between 10 and 30 €). Bathing is also recommended (€ 30-60 per session), and if done at home, you need to invest in shampoos and combs (€ 10- € 50). The dog needs veterinary attention in case of accidents or illnesses, as well as medicines, and all this must be added to the expenses. On the other hand, the cost of the insurance is variable according to the policy and the race, can go from 30 to 90 €. And the microchip, 40-60 €, according to the veterinarian.
  • Toys, clothes and bed: The dog needs to go out and play , it is a living being. Straps and collars (€ 10-70) and toys (€ 5-30 per unit) may cost more than the annual cost seems. In addition, depending on the quality and size, it will be invested in feeders and drinkers 5-40 €, and about 15-60 € in beds or cots.


In short, an average of € 700-1500 per year is estimated for maintenance costs per dog (€ 60-125 per month). Now we must assess if our economy allows us to maintain a dog.

Dog tax Thuringia



Dog tax and dog liability in Thuringia

Since September 2011, the rule in Thuringia is that all dog owners must take out a dog liability insurance for their loved ones. It also specified which dogs are considered dangerous. Even without a character test four dog breeds are always classified as dangerous. There are different regulations in terms of leash and muzzle obligation from one community to another.

Leinenzwang in Thuringia (Erfurt, Jena and Gera)

Image result for dog tax The dog liability is in
Thuringia legally required

In Thuringia, the dogs in the forest on a leash all year round, regardless of the breeding and nesting season, in which for other states such as Lower Saxony, a temporary Leinenzwang prevails. There are no other regulations at national level, but the municipalities can make additional provisions on the obligation to leash. For the three largest cities of Thuringia, therefore, there are other areas in which the four-legged friend must be leashed:

In the provincial capital of Erfurt , dog owners have to follow the leash requirement on roads and in facilities. Likewise, they must keep their dogs on a short leash in pedestrian areas, at folk festivals, sports events, markets and in other crowds.

In Jena , the Leinenzwang also applies in pedestrian areas and in markets. In addition, dogs are to lodge on paths of greenery and parks, as well as in the marketplace, on parties and in low traffic areas.

Gera’s dogs are not allowed to run on public roads, paths, grounds and squares without a leash. Also, the dog owners in pedestrian areas, at public festivals and in low-traffic areas to keep the leash obligation.

Muzzle in Thuringia

Since the Thuringian Act on the Protection of the Population from Animal Dangers came into force on 01.09.2011, all dangerous dogs must not only be kept on a leash, but must also wear a muzzle. For dogs that have not been classified as dangerous, there is no provision for carrying a muzzle. However, the city of Jena has stated in its city ordinance that snappy dogs for the protection of humans and animals on streets and in public facilities must muzzle.

Fighting dogs in Thuringia

Image result for dog tax

Dangerous dogs due to their breed are in Thuringia:

  • bullterrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

In addition, dogs are considered dangerous if it is found in the course of a character test, that is beyond the natural level of attack, combat readiness or sharpness, the beast is four-legged or threatening people in an impending manner. Should the dog tear or rush other dogs, cats, game or livestock, this is also considered a proof of the danger of the dog. These dogs must be marked by a chip or a tattoo. In addition, the holder must provide a proof of competence for the attitude of the dangerous dog and take out a dog liability insurance. Furthermore, owners may only lead a dangerous dog.

Dog tax for Erfurt, Jena and Gera

In Thuringia, there is no single tax rate for dogs, as the municipalities collect their individual dog tax rates. A dog owner can therefore not assume that he pays the same taxes for his dog when moving to another community as before. The provincial capital of Erfurt, Jena and Gera require the following amounts for the four-legged friends:

Dog tax in Erfurt:

108 euros for the first dog, 132 euros for the second dog, 156 euros for each additional dog, 564 euros for each dangerous dog

Dog tax in Jena:

84 euros for the first dog, 96 euros for the second dog, 120 euros for each additional dog, 600 euros for each dangerous dog (these include the four dangerous breeds from the state ordinance also Mastino Napoletano, Fila Brasil / Brasileiro, Bordeaux-Dogge and Dogo Argentino)

Dog tax in Gera:

96 euros for the first dog, 124.80 euros for the second dog, 153.60 euros for each additional dog, 672 euros for each dangerous dog

Dog liability insurance

All dogs in Thuringia – not only those classified as dangerous – or their owners must be provided with a dog liability insurance. Also, all dogs with a chip by a veterinarian to mark. Without these conditions, a dog may not be kept in Thuringia. Do you think about a four-legged friend in your own home as a Thuringian? Then compare dog insurance rates here and decide on an offer, so you have already taken this hurdle for keeping your dog.


Dog liability in federal states


Dog liability regulations of the 16 federal states

Image result for dog liability

Anyone who owns a dog knows that being responsible with the animal requires not just education, but also precautionary measures such as the leash or the muzzle. There are also legal regulations especially at the community level, which should ensure a smooth coexistence of humans and dogs. Since it can lead to accidents despite all this, the dog liability insurance is required by law in some states.

Legal obligation

Dog liability is already required by law in the following six Länder:

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Lower Saxony
  • Saxony-Anhalt
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Thuringia

From the age of 3 or 6 months each dog must be covered by liability insurance in these states. More information about the exact legal regulations for dog owners can be found here.


Image result for dog liability

A muzzle is said to limit the dog’s ability to bite. Because especially when meeting other dogs or in crowds, it can very quickly lead to an accident. Especially list dogs must muzzle in public. These are dogs that are listed on the list of breeds of dog breeds regarded as dangerous, or where a danger is suspected. But even non-list dogs must wear a muzzle, depending on the regulations of the respective community, for example, in public transport or at public festivals.



Image result for dog liability


Muzzle-taking is often accompanied by a leash requirement, as the dog is better controlled via the leash and accidents can be prevented more easily. The length of the leash can vary, for example, limitations of one or two meters are common. Not only list dogs are subject to a line requirement in many places, if this duty was not lifted by a proof of the harmlessness. Non-list dogs must also be kept on a leash in public transport. The regulations differ here at the community level sometimes very strong.

Legal regulations by federal states

Whether mandatory dog ​​liability, muzzle, Leinenzwang, dog tax or fighting dog regulation – the individual states have their own rules, many provisions are even regulated at the municipal level. Here you will find useful information for each state:

  • Baden-Wurttemberg
  • Bavaria
  • Berlin
  • Brandenburg
  • Bremen
  • Hamburg
  • Hesse
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Lower Saxony
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Saarland
  • Saxony
  • Saxony-Anhalt
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Thuringia

Attack Dogs Regulation

The muzzle and leash requirement is mainly for list dogs and in designated places of public space. But the combat dog regulation of the individual federal states can contain further regulations. For a dog owner liability insurance for dog owners in some dog breeds is mandatory. In some federal states, such as Berlin, owners of all dog breeds must have liability insurance.

dog license fee

The amount of dog tax depends on several factors. The dog tax is not determined by the individual federal states, but this happens at the community level. In general, a distinction is also made between the first and every other dog, as well as so-called list or investment dogs. For non-list dogs, the dog tax is often around 100 euros per year. For list dogs, on the other hand, a tax of more than 1,000 euros can quickly become due.

Cost of liability insurance

A pet owner liability insurance can save you considerable costs if your dog causes damage and therefore claims for damages are made to you. A good fight dog liability insurance is already under 100 € per year to obtain, liability insurance for non-list dogs are even cheaper.

If you own several dogs, you often get a discount for the second and every other dog to be insured. For example, if you have a list and a non-list dog, not only should you compare which insurance company offers the best fare for each of the two dogs, but also ask if they can save money by insuring the dogs together , A comparison is worthwhile in any case.


Dog tax in Saxony-Anhalt


Dog tax and dog liability in Saxony-Anhalt

Saxony-Anhalt is one of the federal states in which a dog liability insurance for all dogs, regardless of size or breed, is required. In addition, there is the nationwide Leinenpflicht for dogs in the breeding and nesting season. Hunters even have the right to kill a dog as soon as it is out of the reach of its owner.

Leinenzwang in Saxony-Anhalt (Halle, Magdeburg and Dessau-Roßlau)

Hundesteuer Sachsen Anhalt The dog liability is in
Saxony-Anhalt duty

Saxony-Anhalt’s Field and Forest Planning Act (FFOG) stipulates that it is forbidden to let dogs in “field or forest, including adjoining public roads, run unattended or to reset or reset them there. Dogs are to be scheduled between the 1st of March and the 15th of July . “

If the dog is not within the scope of the dog owner, even the right to kill for hunters applies. Dog owners should therefore not let their four-legged friends out of their sight and keep them on a leash. Additional provisions for the obligation to sail can be raised by municipalities at any time.

For example, dogs in Halle need to be leashed on public roads, green spaces, parks and gardens, on bridges, on public transport or on markets. There are also areas such as department stores, pedestrian zones and larger crowds.

The obligation to sail in the state capital Magdeburg exists on all public roads, paths and squares. In addition, the Leinenzwang applies in shopping malls, in the city park Rotehorn, in the monastery mountain garden and in Herrenkrug.

For the third largest city of Saxony-Anhalt, Dessau-Roßlau , however, there seems to be no further regulations for the leash obligation. Dog owners only have to comply with the state’s regulations.

Muzzle requirement in Saxony-Anhalt

A general muzzle obligation exists in Saxony-Anhalt only for dogs classified as dangerous . The municipalities can enact their own muzzle-taking laws for their administration.

For example, the City of Halle has stipulated that dogs must muzzle if in doubt, if the dog owner is not able to keep the dog on a leash by his physical constitution. In general, however, it is also possible to request a release from the muzzle obligation at the competent authority.

hundehaftpflicht sachsen anhalt All dogs need in Saxony-
Anhalt liability insurance.

Fighting dogs in Saxony-Anhalt

With the law on precaution against the risks of dogs all dog owners of dangerous dogs are obliged to take out a dog liability insurance, to subject their dog to a character test , to provide proof of competence and to provide their dog with a transponder . Furthermore, the four-legged animals are entered in a central register.

Regardless of breed, dogs are considered dangerous if they show increased aggression and combat readiness or bite humans or animals. Dangerous dogs may only be kept with the permission of the competent office.

The dogs are considered dangerous dogs

  • American Staffordshire Terrier,
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
  • Pit Bull Terrier and
  • bullterrier

Dog tax for Halle, Magdeburg and Dessau-Roßlau

As in any other state, the dog tax in Saxony-Anhalt is levied by the respective municipality. This results in different tax rates. For example, in Tangermünde, dog owners pay only EUR 30 per year for their four-legged friend.

In addition to the four races, which are generally considered dangerous in Saxony-Anhalt, other races can be seen as dangerous in the communities, such as Mastino Napoletano, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bandog and Tosa Inu and the Roman and Chinese fighting dog. There is a separate tax rate for them.

For the following cities of Saxony-Anhalt, the dog tax looks like this:

Dog tax in Hall Magdeburg Dessau
first dog 100 euros 96 euros 90 euros
second dog 180 euros 144 euros 180 euros
Every other dog see above 192 euros 192 euros
Dangerous dog 720 euros 500 euro 700 euro

Dog liability insurance in Saxony-Anhalt duty

Not only owners of dangerous dogs are required by law in Saxony-Anhalt for dog liability insurance. All other dog owners must equip their four-legged friends with a dog liability. At the latest three months after the birth of the dog, the proof of insurance must be available at the Office. In addition, all dogs must be marked with a transponder and registered in a central register.

A look at the non-binding tariff comparison shows that the annual premium for the insurance fluctuates greatly depending on the provider . Halter insures a German shepherd dog for 30 euros a year. The most expensive insurer, however, they pay just under 80 €.