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Image result for best dog foodWhen choosing food for yourself, you always try to choose the best. It makes sense. From good quality food, the body is able to create cells that will be strong, durable, and the immune system will work properly. These are all important things that help us maintain health and optimal fitness. The same applies equally to our pets. The dog or cat requires a proper diet that contains all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the regeneration and creation of new cells.

Age of the animal

The first parameter is the age of the dog or cat. Quality feeds for cats are designed to contain a sufficient ratio of all important nutrients along with vitamins and minerals. However, a small kitten and an adult cat have different demands and each one requires their own feed. So personalize the selection with respect to the age of the animal. In juveniles, vitamin and mineral supplementation is essential for the healthy development of the locomotive apparatus, which could affect the health and condition of the animal in the elderly.

Selection by breed

Another factor in which you decide what food to choose is a breed. In cats, this problem is negligible and it can be said that the differences are not so great. On the contrary, the range of dog breeds is wider and with different dog height and size other requirements apply to suitable feed. Granules for small breeds of dogs will not be suitable for dogs and a small chihuahua will not handle granules that are made for Bernardine. In this case, it is not so much about the typical composition but rather about the size and shape of the individual granules, which can be too large for small dogs and for large breeds on the contrary, unnecessarily large.

Consider health

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The question of how to choose a dog’s feed should also be affected by the health condition. Unfortunately, today, when dogs often receive inappropriate diets, they experience disorders and intolerance. These problems are manifested by diarrhea, vomiting, or weight loss or anorexia. In such a case, it is necessary to visit a veterinarian who will advise on choosing a suitable feed that does not contain problematic food components to which the dog may be susceptible. Some of these problems can be hereditary, and if an ancestor suffers from certain problems, it is good to choose preventative measures and apply appropriate nutrition before the problem occurs.

High quality feed improves sporting performance

Dogs who are actively engaged in sports and are not demanding stable performance, really need a good diet. Magnusson quality Swedish food is made from real meat, which is represented in sufficient proportion. All the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are key to the restoration of muscle tissue and the proper functioning of the joints are preserved. By serving the best granules, the dog’s sport performance can be enhanced and good food is a good prevention against joint problems. Always make sure that the dog you want to keep getting better gets the optimal amount of good food because it can only meet your wishes.

Beware of replacing cereals and chemical preservatives

Always check the composition when choosing a feed. Some high-quality granules add a large percentage of cereals and other ingredients that only serve to increase the weight of the product but have no nutritional value. For example, Essential Foods feeds 70% of the meat, and the remaining 30% is fruit, vegetables and herb blends, which are beneficial ingredients that naturally increase the percentage of vitamins and important enzymes that help with digestion and have a beneficial effect on the health of the dog.

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