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If you happen to give coworkers bird names, then it’s time to put an animal on the team. The latter would calm tensions and relax the atmosphere. H ere are some elements to convince the most reluctant.

For nearly 20 years, the American organization Pet Sitters International, celebrates the world day of the pet in the office. “Take Your Dog To Work Day” (TYDTWDay), in other words, “Dog Day at Work” invites everyone to work with their four-legged companion (or two?). This year, June 22, 2018, the event is a reminder that animals should be welcome in our workspaces.

French people … frustrated?

When we appreciate animals – and we have no allergy – they soothe us, assuredly: “The animal, especially the dog, is in the same mood, it does not create conflict. It is a soothing affective presence, which promotes social cohesion, “observes Gene Ricaud-François, clinical psychologist for Les Echos . We even talk about purring therapy to talk about the beneficial action of purring cats: “Listen to this soft noise leads to production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, involved in the quality of our sleep and our mood,” said Jean Yves Gauchet to Psychologies . A study published by Wamiz (specialized website on pets) reveals that 80% of its users believe that the presence of an animal has a positive impact on their work.

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And yet, despite the many studies and experiments carried out, less than one in ten employees is allowed in France to take their pet to the office (according to a Purina / Ifop study of 2017 *) against 28% in our Swiss neighbors and 20% among Germans. And yet, 49.5% of French households have at least one, almost one in two. And among dog owners, 68% dream of taking their pet to work, says the study in Facco / Kantar.

A pledge of attractiveness

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Companies that can afford it – who do not have strict hygiene constraints – should not hesitate to accept pets. This possibility would in fact be a criterion of choice just as important as having a company car or restaurant vouchers, according to Purina. Today, having a pet’s policy or being stamped as pets lovers is a guarantee of modernity!

Google, Mashable, Amazon and many others lead the way: Google’s Dogs ( Doogles ) are at the helm of Twitter at #WoofWoofWednesay; Meetup develops canine conference rooms (“We will approach the emotional and behavioral learning of the dog, by establishing a coherent and soothing communication with and with this one”, can be read on their website); Amazon has made the bet to present the dogs of its employees, etc.

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Tip: find out what kind of pets your co-workers have before opening the valves. If the fish, the cat and the dog arrive at the top of the pets, the hen is not far behind. With the President of the Republic who showed the way by recently welcoming two young chickens in the gardens of the Elysée, Agathe and Marianne, should we expect to see the poultry land in the open space? This could cause more than one CHSCT to cackle.

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