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Dog tax and dog liability in Thuringia

Since September 2011, the rule in Thuringia is that all dog owners must take out a dog liability insurance for their loved ones. It also specified which dogs are considered dangerous. Even without a character test four dog breeds are always classified as dangerous. There are different regulations in terms of leash and muzzle obligation from one community to another.

Leinenzwang in Thuringia (Erfurt, Jena and Gera)

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In Thuringia, the dogs in the forest on a leash all year round, regardless of the breeding and nesting season, in which for other states such as Lower Saxony, a temporary Leinenzwang prevails. There are no other regulations at national level, but the municipalities can make additional provisions on the obligation to leash. For the three largest cities of Thuringia, therefore, there are other areas in which the four-legged friend must be leashed:

In the provincial capital of Erfurt , dog owners have to follow the leash requirement on roads and in facilities. Likewise, they must keep their dogs on a short leash in pedestrian areas, at folk festivals, sports events, markets and in other crowds.

In Jena , the Leinenzwang also applies in pedestrian areas and in markets. In addition, dogs are to lodge on paths of greenery and parks, as well as in the marketplace, on parties and in low traffic areas.

Gera’s dogs are not allowed to run on public roads, paths, grounds and squares without a leash. Also, the dog owners in pedestrian areas, at public festivals and in low-traffic areas to keep the leash obligation.

Muzzle in Thuringia

Since the Thuringian Act on the Protection of the Population from Animal Dangers came into force on 01.09.2011, all dangerous dogs must not only be kept on a leash, but must also wear a muzzle. For dogs that have not been classified as dangerous, there is no provision for carrying a muzzle. However, the city of Jena has stated in its city ordinance that snappy dogs for the protection of humans and animals on streets and in public facilities must muzzle.

Fighting dogs in Thuringia

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Dangerous dogs due to their breed are in Thuringia:

  • bullterrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

In addition, dogs are considered dangerous if it is found in the course of a character test, that is beyond the natural level of attack, combat readiness or sharpness, the beast is four-legged or threatening people in an impending manner. Should the dog tear or rush other dogs, cats, game or livestock, this is also considered a proof of the danger of the dog. These dogs must be marked by a chip or a tattoo. In addition, the holder must provide a proof of competence for the attitude of the dangerous dog and take out a dog liability insurance. Furthermore, owners may only lead a dangerous dog.

Dog tax for Erfurt, Jena and Gera

In Thuringia, there is no single tax rate for dogs, as the municipalities collect their individual dog tax rates. A dog owner can therefore not assume that he pays the same taxes for his dog when moving to another community as before. The provincial capital of Erfurt, Jena and Gera require the following amounts for the four-legged friends:

Dog tax in Erfurt:

108 euros for the first dog, 132 euros for the second dog, 156 euros for each additional dog, 564 euros for each dangerous dog

Dog tax in Jena:

84 euros for the first dog, 96 euros for the second dog, 120 euros for each additional dog, 600 euros for each dangerous dog (these include the four dangerous breeds from the state ordinance also Mastino Napoletano, Fila Brasil / Brasileiro, Bordeaux-Dogge and Dogo Argentino)

Dog tax in Gera:

96 euros for the first dog, 124.80 euros for the second dog, 153.60 euros for each additional dog, 672 euros for each dangerous dog

Dog liability insurance

All dogs in Thuringia – not only those classified as dangerous – or their owners must be provided with a dog liability insurance. Also, all dogs with a chip by a veterinarian to mark. Without these conditions, a dog may not be kept in Thuringia. Do you think about a four-legged friend in your own home as a Thuringian? Then compare dog insurance rates here and decide on an offer, so you have already taken this hurdle for keeping your dog.


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