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Parasite attacks are among the biggest health hazards for pets. Ticks, fleas and internal parasites are terrible for the animal and can cause serious diseases, also transmissible to humans. The only defense is practically continuous prevention and support especially in the spring and summer season. The ideal one is to combine more measures.

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Intensive anitasis

The best selling product is anti-parasitic collars . Their advantage is usually a long period of effectiveness, up to months. In addition to waterproof collars such as Scalibor, Beaphar or Foresto, the hair should not bathe. The disadvantage is the longer time for the onset of efficacy.

Because of the high efficiency, there are popular pipettes that you apply between the animal’s shoulder blades. It works within a few days, but do not buy a pet.

Select antiparasitic with regard to the age, weight and health of the animal.


Additional antiparasitic agents

Intensive antiparasitics are good to support supplements. Try, for example, electronic repellents – collar pendants to discourage parasites by spreading ultrasound.

You can also find antiparasitic shampoos, sprays or powders in stores. It is ideal hygiene to combine with stronger antiparasitics at least over the season. Do not forget about the environment where your pet is staying and spraying with his anti-parasitic spray sometimes.

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Tips to conclude:

  • Respect the determination of anti-parasites – age and weight limits, efficacy and health status.

  • Allergic pets buy natural anti-parasites that will be gentle on their skin. Absolutely without chemistry you will get, for example, Menforsan products.

  • Do not mix the products intended for cats and dogs – the effects differ and can harm the animal.

  • Combine preparations to make prevention more complex. Avoid combinations of stronger anti-parasites. Use natural products as accessories.

  • Are you looking for anti-parasites that even your hair could love? Try the electronic comb. Brushing is a favorite activity and removes the parasites by means of non-removable discharges.


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