Pets: How much does it cost to keep a dog?

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Pets: How much does it cost to keep a dog?

Pets are part of the family and should be treated accordingly. But, only with love can not keep a pet, in general, and a dog in particular. It does not matter if it is an animal with a large pedigree or a dog without breed. The care of pets involves food , play and visits to the veterinarian and all that costs money.

What are the main expenses of a dog?

It is not possible to make an accurate calculation of the cost of these pets here, because it will be very different depending on the animal of one breed or another. The breed defines its size (it is the most determining factor), its activity and certain diseases that it may suffer. In addition, the needs of the dog will be slightly different if it is a puppy, an adult or an elderly dog. In fact, the first year of the puppy is the one with the highest investment in the cost of a dog, since it involves a special diet, the first vaccinations, the microchip, etc.

  • Food: It is the largest economic item in the maintenance of the dog, although we must consider that a chihuahua does not eat the same as a great Dane. The price of the feed can range between € 40 and € 80 per month , depending on its quality. The puppies feed is more expensive, between 70 and 100 € per month. Older dogs may need a specific feed, which is usually more expensive. The price can go up if the dog needs a special diet for health reasons.
  • Veterinary, hygiene, insurance and microchip: Every basic consultation to the veterinarian has a cost of about 25-35 €. Vaccination is essential . The rage is annual (about € 25) and the versatile is recommended and around € 50. The deworming is not mandatory but it is recommended, and its cost will vary according to the size of the animal and the type of measurement applied (between 10 and 30 €). Bathing is also recommended (€ 30-60 per session), and if done at home, you need to invest in shampoos and combs (€ 10- € 50). The dog needs veterinary attention in case of accidents or illnesses, as well as medicines, and all this must be added to the expenses. On the other hand, the cost of the insurance is variable according to the policy and the race, can go from 30 to 90 €. And the microchip, 40-60 €, according to the veterinarian.
  • Toys, clothes and bed: The dog needs to go out and play , it is a living being. Straps and collars (€ 10-70) and toys (€ 5-30 per unit) may cost more than the annual cost seems. In addition, depending on the quality and size, it will be invested in feeders and drinkers 5-40 €, and about 15-60 € in beds or cots.


In short, an average of € 700-1500 per year is estimated for maintenance costs per dog (€ 60-125 per month). Now we must assess if our economy allows us to maintain a dog.

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