What to watch out for when choosing a feed World of dogs

Do not forget to take into account all the important criteria

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There is absolutely no exact guide to what will most benefit a particular animal, but you will not make a mistake if you follow several general advice. How to choose the best granules ? Focus mainly on the age and growth of your partner. The young in development has totally different nutritional needs than an adult individual or an animal senior. The form and composition of granules for smaller dogs (they are smaller and have more fats and proteins) and large breeds (they are bigger and are enriched for joint nutrition) are also different. Of course, feeding needs to be adapted to the degree of movement of the dog or cat. Are they often running outdoors, doing sports with you, practicing them? Then go for granules with higher fat content. Animal health is also important, as well as people with certain food intolerances. The most beneficial food is the feed with the smallest amount of raw materials used.

Proper composition is the cornerstone of success

Whether you like it or not, cats and dogs are primarily carnivores. In animal feed, therefore, the high quality of animal protein is of utmost importance. The meat is presented as fresh or dried, ie meat meal. This is usually specified in quality products (chicken, duck, fish …) and the percentage of meat should also be indicated. Keep an eye on the source of carbohydrates and their percentages – many manufacturers fill feed with unnecessarily large amounts of cereals that do not have nutritional value and sometimes they are miserable. An excellent source of carbohydrates is on the contrary potatoes and definitely does not harm even the fruit and vegetables from which the animals draw vitamins.

How not to advertise on a trick

Anyone who knows anything about feed and nutrition for dogs and cats will not get caught up in tempting slogans. Instead, it will focus on the information that is on the cover with a smaller font. If the manufacturer boasts raw materials of regional origin, it shows specific data instead of the generic labels of “animal product” and “dehydrated meat” and lists the percentages of each ingredient, you have nothing to worry about. The Italian brand Primordial, which is particularly popular among fans of no-fodder feeds, has recently climbed top among foreign manufacturers. Primordial for cats is greatly digestible and offers delicacies such as luxury duck and turkey meat from free range with the addition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. There is, of course, also Primordial for dogs – try a mix of quality bolero meat with a mackerel! Again, it is meat from animals raised and grown in Italy, supplemented with ingredients that benefit the kidneys, digestive tract and overall health of your dog.



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