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Image result for fodder competitionCompany owner George Švihálek decided to produce feed from the right é him meat without chemicals based on the story of the world Roxyho his dog, which he s trying to save after poisoning.

The YOGGIES commitment is to return the taste, smell and quality of their original food to nature. Dogs are through t s a healthier diet and vitamin álnější what made the experience proves not only farmers, but also veterinarians.

YOGGIES company entered the market with yogurt for dogs and gradually adding granules pressed é cold cans with pieces of meat and homemade treats. And of course without CHEMISTRY.

É granules pressed cold for dogs

Recipes granules Yoggies based on the healthiest and Best Supporting é é pe digestible food for dogs – Barf
(bone and raw food). The granules in the stomach do not swell but dissolve, thus suppressing the risk of stomach torsion. Thanks to the grinding of raw materials “rough” ip řírodní BC pulp and raw tr Aven help clean the digestive tract and suppress the risk of serious disease, but also flatuenci (gas) and pr damage. None of the recipes contains corn, oh with it, preservatives or flavoring and therefore can about this modern way of feeding argue that health begins in a bowl ®. As the only granules of this type on the market contain probiotics that support the healthy immune system and dog defense. The Yoggies Yoghurt Recipe is designed to give the dog plenty of flavor and scent of raw dried meat, as well as crunching that imitates bone biting and eradicates endorphins. The crumbling of hard granules also mechanically cleans the dog’s dentition. Their recipe is developed for puppies, adults and older dogs.

Yoghurts for dogs and cats

Yogurt was originally conceived for Roxy’s dog, who suffered from poisoning with severe diarrhea and digestive troubles. This patented yoghurt was the first food that Roxy had compared his digestive tract and saved him so well.

Yoghurts without lakt oh esterase produced by E, based on sheep’s milk it é é mL ka and a special mixture of probiotics which e has cats and dogs in the world m tract. They are unique in that not only strengthens the immune system é m dog but can very effectively suppress and stop diarrhea. Even suited for puppies after weaning, which supply nutrients and strengthen their immune system E m.

Canned food for dogs

All recipes canned dog Yoggies are developed to be as Best Supporting é é pe digestible. They are produced free as é koliv chemicals, grain, with her oh and preservatives, Proch Azi m thermal process. Canned foods are suitable for short-é é quality and full é dog food served to diversify food.

Dog treats for dogs

Dogs play an inherent role in the life of the dog. Here, too, the company Yoggies ma KOPN guard and they were the first who devised biscuits for dogs with chicken without chemicals, sugar and gluten. These treats, along with crackers with turkey or cold-pressed fitkostičkami became very OBLI ben YMI and healthy treats for both farmers and for their dogs.


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